Construction Process: Safe & Clean job sites

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The Importance of Keeping a Clean Job Site

"I believe it is important to keep a clean job site. Not only from a safety perspective but also as an everyday reminder to all the workmen that the small and seemingly insignificant details are important to me. It's easier to notice the important details when the job is uncluttered and clean. It helps you feel like you're in a precision work environment. It reminds everyone who comes on the job that there's something different about this job site, that it's important, and someone cares about how clean it is. This seemingly small environmental factor has a significant positive impact on the job. It helps everyone feel just a bit more proud of their work, take the extra time to do a better job, and to feel that the extra care they're taking is being noticed and appreciated."

~ Les

Les White, Acorn Construction General Contractor, #RG0055853
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