Storm Tuff™ Features


  • 2x6 walls are engineered for 140 - 160 mph winds per code and will resist missile strikes much better than 2x4 walls.
  • Zip wall coated sheathing run horizontally and staggered with intermediate blocking for extra strength.
  • Plywood backing behind vinyl soffits and porch ceilings prevent vinyl cladding from blowing out in high winds.
  • Stainless steel fasteners and connectors where exposed to the elements.
  • Stainless steel bolted piling connections on elevated homes.
  • Copper deck flashing to ensure long life where exposed to the elements, particularly on the beach.
  • Foam sealed attics eliminate soffit and ridge vents which are vulnerable to water intrusion during wind storms.
  • Brick and cementitious siding resist damage from flying debris during hurricanes.

Safe room

  • Safe room engineered for 250 mph winds and 100 mph missile impacts
  • Stay safe at home with your pets and loved ones instead of spending days in traffic and gas lines during evacuations.
  • Stay home and protect your property from looting.
  • Avoid losing work during evacuations.
  • Lock up valuables while you're away.
  • Learn more about safe rooms.


  • Impact glass windows protect your home from storm damage 24/7 whether you're there or not
  • Impact glass helps prevent vandals from getting inside your home


  • Full coverage peal and seal subroof ensures that if you loose a few shingles in a wind storm the roof will not leak
  • 6 nail fastening pattern on 30 year architectural shingles
  • Ends of ridge vents are screwed down to roof to prevent the wind from peeling them up
  • Roof engineered for 140 - 160 mph winds per code requirements


  • Manual transfer switch for portable generator
  • Electrical service set up for easy installation of whole house generator transfer switch
  • Optional whole house generator with automatic transfer switch
  • Optional automatic load management switches

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