Storm Stories: The Wittke story

Impact glass window damaged by hurricane Ivan.

The window that was shattered during Ivan is in the upper right hand corner. This photo illustrates the great advantage of impact glass windows. Who wants to get up on a 30' ladder and put up storm shutters?

Notice the wooden handle. Imagine the blisters!

That's one record that will never be broken!

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Saved by the glass!

This is one of two impact glass windows that were hit during hurricane Ivan by debris from one of the Portofino towers which you can see through the window. The impact was so great that two 2x6 wall studs were cracked. The Wittke residence was under construction at the time. There would have been significant internal water damage if that window had been breached.

"I'm so glad you installed impact glass windows in my beach home. It would have been a nightmare if that window had broken through. "

~ Wayne Wittke

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