Storm Stories: The White story

This home handled a 5' storm surge inside the garage plus 5' wave tops without suffering any structural damage.

The concrete flow diverters on the back channel water to the rear garage doors, through the garage, and out the front garage doors.

Good as new!

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Flood-thru design pays off

My model home took a 5' storm surge with no structural damage or damage to the living spaces. The flood-thru design allowed water to pass through garage doors on the back, through the garage, and out the front garage doors. There are no blow-out walls to repair or replace which can be quite expensive. I only had to replace 4 garage doors. This was the only water front home on the street that was immediately inhabitable after Hurricane Ivan in 1995.

I repaired numerous storm damaged homes on Navarre and Pensacola Beaches following numerous hurricanes and incorporated into this home what I learned about how and why structures failed from wind and water. This home has performed during all the hurricanes over the past 10 years and demonstrated how effective flood-thru design is. Hurricane Ivan in 1995 was its final exam and it passed with honors.

Les White, Acorn Construction General Contractor, #RG0055853
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